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LCOC By-Laws - Article II

Article Index




Section 1: Eligibility

Any person, association, corporation, partnership, or estate having an interest in the

objectives of the organization shall be eligible for membership.

Section 2: Election (How application is made, received, and approved)

Applications for membership shall be in writing on forms provided for that purpose, and

signed by the applicant. Election of members shall be by the governing body at any

meeting thereof. Any applicant so elected shall become a member upon payment of the

regularly scheduled investment as provided in Section 3 of Article II.

Section 3: Investments

Membership investments shall be at such rates, schedules, or formulas prescribed from

time to time by the governing body and payable in advance.

Section 4: Termination (Resignation, expulsion, and delinquency)

(1.) Any member may resign from the chamber upon written request to the governing


(2.) The governing body shall expel any member by a two-thirds vote for nonpayment

of dues after 90 days from the date due, unless otherwise extended for good


(3.) Any member may be expelled by a two-thirds vote of the governing body, at a

regularly scheduled meeting thereof, for conduct unbecoming a member or

prejudicial to aims or repute of the chamber, after notice and opportunity for a

hearing are afforded the member complained against.

Section 5: Voting

In any case proceeding in which voting by members is called for, each member person

in good standing shall be entitled to 1 vote, and each member firm, association, or

corporation in good standing shall be entitled to one vote. Each member firm,

association, or corporation must appoint a member to vote on its behalf and notify the

governing body.

Section 6: Exercise of Privileges (Assignment of membership within subscription

and any limitations)

Any firm, association, corporation, partnership, or estate holding membership may

nominate individuals whom the holder desires to exercise the privileges of membership

covered by its subscriptions and shall have the right to change its membership

nomination upon written notice.

Section 7: Orientation (Indicate areas of complete orientation. Make certain that

detailed outlines of each group are part of the chamber’s procedures manual.)

At regular intervals, orientation on the purposes and activities of this organization shall

be conducted for the following groups: new officers and/or directors and current officers

and/or directors, committee chairmen, committees, and new members. A detailed outline

for orientation of each of these groups shall be a part of this organization’s procedures

manual or orientation handbook.

Section 8: Honorary Membership

Distinction in public affairs shall confer eligibility to honorary membership. Honorary

members shall have all the privileges of members except the right to vote and shall be

exempt from payment of dues. The governing body shall confer or revoke honorary

membership by a majority vote.